Domenica 21 Settembre: TIM VANTOL (NL)

Playing in various punkrock and hardcore bands Tim toughened up a bit, but during soundchecks you could often catch him singing them sing along accoustic songs. How deep those songs went became obvious when he started to write his own accoustic music. They seem to be drenched in the familiar smell of morning breath still dieing from last night’s whiskey and really, it never smelled this good. Showing off his urge to be living life just a little bit more than we have been doing lately and a restlessness that makes today’s youth look like a bunch of old men playing dominoes in the park, here’s a guy who’ll put it in the face of anyone willing to listen.

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Martedi 23 Settembre: THE SHELL CORPORATION (California - USA) + ABUSIVE

The Shell Corporation Fun Facts!
1. The Shell Corporation is Jan, Curtiss, Sean and Jake. Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Drums, respectively.
2. The Shell Corporation is from Burbank, California where The Tonight Show is filmed.
3. The Shell Corporation bears live young which crawl from the mother's womb to a small pouch where the newborn completes gestation.
4. The Shell Corporation started in 2011, and have thus far released a full length, an EP, a 7" and a split 7”.
5. A group of the Shell Corporations is called a plethora.
6. The Shell Corporation tour a lot, and will probably be playing near you soon.
7. The Shell Corporation have a new record coming out on Paper + Plastick Records. It will be released on February 28th (Digital) & April 1st (Vinyl). It's called Mandrake.
8. The Shell Corporation, when threatened, will spray its attackers with a pungent chemical emitted from glands near its anus.
9. The Shell Corporation hates writing band bios.

ABUSIVE - Punk Rock da Brescia

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Sabato 27 Settembre: JAZZ CLUB con CARASAU QUARTET

Carasau Jazz Quartet. Sound raffinato ed introspettivo. Una magistrale rivisitazione degli standards più belli della tradizione jazzistica internazionale. Un'atmosfera coinvolgente adatta ad ogni tipo di pubblico, ideale per una serata all'insegna della musica d'improvvisazione

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Mercoledi 1 Ottobre: KINGONS (JAP) + DEE CRACKS (AT)

KINGONS - Punk Rock (JAP)
栃木県宇都宮市出身4ピースPOP PUNK BAND!!2013年2度のアメリカツアー敢行‼︎

DEE CRACKS - Punk Rock (AT)

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Sabato 4 Ottobre: GIARDINI OSCURI + MALI

GIARDINI OSCURI - Indie/Alternative rock da Mantova
Nel 2009 esce il primo demo autoprodotto THE LOVE/HATE EP. 5 tracce essenziali e dirette incentrate sul tema del contrasto e che rappresentano l'inizio della collaborazione creativa.
In arrivo a breve il primo vero disco della band : LAST DAY ON EARTH. Un lavoro maturo, il cuore e l'orgoglio del gruppo, con 3 anni di lavorazione alle spalle, composizione ed arrangiamenti. Una piccola perla che racconta in undici diverse sfumature il tema del cambiamento e della diversità. E svela la vera anima dei Giardini Oscuri .
Stay tuned!

MALI - Rock da mantova

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Giovedi 9 Ottobre: GRAIG SUTTON - The Flamenco Thief (UK)

Craig Sutton, better known as The Flamenco Thief, is an English guitarist whose phenomenal rise within the DIY music scene has seen him become one of the busiest touring artists in the country.

Specializing in fast rhythmic guitar playing Craig has earned a reputation for mesmerising live performances in which he uses a Spanish acoustic guitar with the Boss RC loop pedal to blend modern rhythms with time-honoured Flamenco techniques.

A particularly resourceful musician, Craig also utilizes the guitar as a percussive instrument, layering metronomic hip-hop beats by carefully beating the body; creating a unique energy that few solo instrumentalists manage to achieve.

Craig’s early influences of ska, hip-hop and gypsy swing are evident throughout his music, helping him craft a catalogue of songs that are intelligent but accessible.

Craig’s compositions revere Flamenco’s heritage while embracing music technology, and as a result each song is delicately poised between the classical and contemporary.

His eponymous debut six-track EP was released in the UK in 2011 and quickly gained recognition from the likes of the BBC and NME, both of which have gone on to endorse the artist.

The album, Liberating Parts of the Cosmos, was released in 2013 and supported by a three month European tour, spanning 17 countries.

In 2014 The Flamenco Thief is back on the road strengthening his status as one of the hardest working musicians in the business with the goal of performing 250 concerts across 40 countries in just ten months.

For bookings or interviews please use the contact form through the website or email stumusicbookings [at]

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Sabato 18 Ottobre: TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA - Palco Aperto!

Serata a tema e circolo allestito in memoria dei Nirvana e di Kurt Cobain, nel ventesimo anno dalla sua scomparsa!

Il Palco sarà APERTO e tutti coloro che vogliano partecipare per qualche pezzo (massimo 3), da soli, con la propria band, o con altri musicisti che penseremo noi a combinare, possono scrivere per tempo e da subito a!

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Zatopeks formed in Birmingham, UK in 2001 and in the last 13 years have carved a reputation for their well crafted tunemanship and a ripping live show to match. Pummelling out their music live in many a dive bar/club/squat/basement across Europe is what Zatopeks do best, however on record Zatopeks also know how to impress the ears. Their own distinctive blend of early 70s punk, rock n roll, pop-punk, rock, folk… (the list could go on) is hard to find comparison with, not least due to the powerful, poetic and insightful lyrics of Will De Niro. With a lyric sheet an integral part for the complete package in any of their albums this truly rounds off the Zatopeks sound. DeNiro’s take onlife, led through a variety of themes ranging from philosophy to love to death to time and back again, grabs the listener by the neurons and forces their brain to participate.

About Bloody Time is the third album from the Zatopeks and their first with all three labels Monster Zero, It’s Alive and East Beat records as a split release. Just as every previous album of the Zatopeks found the boys stretching the mould and adding new elements, so too does About Bloody Time. With a powerful production and stunning artwork it’s clear that a lot of effort has gone into this release.

Second album Damn Fool Music (Household Name Records & Whoa Oh Records) gained great reviews and showed Zatopeks pushing their more hidden influences to the fore. Proud to have been released by a label with such a rich history in the modern UK punk scene, Zatopeks toured the record in Europe the UK and USA creating havoc and making many a new friend along the way.

Released back in 2005 through Stardumb Records, ‘Ain’t Nobody Left but Us’ grounded a firm foot in the European pop-punk scene and sent the kids in the clubs scurrying for their dancing shoes as soon as the Z boys hit the stages.

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